Registration and Warranty

Diamant s.r.l. (herein after Diamant) supplies FRAME KITS (consisting of frame, fork and saddle-pillar) or BICYCLES (consisting of frame, fork, saddle-pillar and accessories) exclusively to its specialised MCIPOLLINI® dealers, complete with mechanization. Only dealers are authorised to put the product in optimal conditions for safe use, especially with regards to the calibrations of gears and brakes. The complete list of dealers can be found on our website at
A microchip with an identification numeric code is located inside each MCIPOLLINI® frame. The microchip cannot be removed and Diamant wishes to specify that the products’ originality is ensured by distinctive marks like the microchip.  We recommend the buyers to check the products’ originality before making their purchase.
The term ‘’buyer’’ refers to the final client.
The warranty terms and conditions that Diamant offers to the buyer are listed below.


The warranty covers exclusively the FRAME KIT (consisting of frame, fork and saddle-pillar) purchased from an authorised MCIPOLLINI® dealer. In case you purchase a BICYCLE, the components installed on the bicycle/frame such as wheels, brakes, handlebar, handlebar joint, gear or any other part or component are covered by the limited warranty offered by the relative manufacturers.


MCIPOLLINI® frame is guaranteed 10 (ten) years if purchased exclusively at authorised MCIPOLLINI® dealers, free of manufacturing or material defects and if registered on website within 10 days from retail purchase. Otherwise, in case of delayed or no registration, the warranty will be valid for 2 (two) years. The paint of MCIPOLLINI® frame is guaranteed for 2 (two) years. Diamant specifies that the warranty extension on the products is not automatically guaranteed by registration and consequent confirmation receipt of registration (via email at the address specified during registration); Diamant reserves the right to check the accuracy of the data provided. In case a product is repaired or replaced under warranty free of charge, the repaired or replaced product will be covered by the original residual warranty, without any renewal or extension of the warranty validity period. If a product is replaced under warranty, the replaced product will become Diamant’s property.


The following parts/ components and facts will void the aforementioned warranty rights.

  • 1 - Products lacking a tax document that certifies purchase (receipt/ invoice) from an authorised MCIPOLLINI® dealer; in case of purchase of second-hand parts, request a copy of the receipt/ invoice from the original first buyer in order for the warranty to be valid, which duration (in case of suitable documentation and registration as specified above) will be the one originally granted;
  • 2 - Products with removed, altered, deleted or illegible identification codes;
  • 3 - Normal wear (including fatigue*);
  • 4 - Damages caused by abuse or improper use, improper assembly (e.g. wrong tightening torques), lack or improper maintenance, accidents, accidental collisions, corrosion, use of cleaning products containing aggressive agents, use of non-compatible products, improper repairs, and in general anything else that does not constitute a material or manufacturing defect;
  • 5 - Products at the end of their useful life cycle;
  • 6 - Damages caused by the exposure to UV rays (colour fading, yellowing, colour alteration);
  • 7 - Damages caused by saline environment;
  • 8 - Re-painted products (even if partially);
  • 9 - Products used for commercial purposes;
  • 10 - Modified, tampered or altered products;
  • 11 - Damages caused by transport (carrier’s liability);
  • 12 - Aesthetic defects that can be easily detected when purchasing the product;
  • 13 - Labour to repair or replace components not assembled by Diamant.

* Fatigue is a form of wear caused by repeated stresses of minor intensity, which could cause a part to crack.

This warranty is explicitly limited to repairs or the replacement of a faulty FRAME KIT. All the components that make up the bicycle (gear, chain, brakes, levers, handlebar, wheels, pedals, pedal cranks, tires, saddle, etc.) are excluded from this warranty since they are covered by the limited warranty offered by the relative manufacturers. Diamant will not be held liable for any direct or indirect, consequent or incidental damage to people and/or objects.


The warranty rights must be exercised at your MCIPOLLINI® dealer by filling out a warranty form, showing a copy of the warranty, purchase receipt and contact information (as provided upon registration of the FRAME KIT on our website Your dealer will send the warranty request (including the photographs of damaged parts and frame number) to Diamant that will decide the procedures to adopt, after receiving the warranty request. The repaired or replaced product under warranty will be sent to MCIPOLLINI® dealer. Any warranty will be voided in case of non compliance with this procedure.


The “Bonus Replacement” is a service offered by Diamant, which foresees the possibility to replace your damaged MCIPOLLINI® FRAME KIT one time only. In order to exploit the service, please notify Diamant immediately about any damage to your original frame through website, and send a request to replace your damaged frame with a new one (of equal or lower value compared to the original), with a discount of 10%; contact MCIPOLLINI® dealer to order a replacement frame, by providing:

  • 1. Original proof of purchase and your contact details (provided during registration);
  • 2. Photograph in .jpg format of the entire FRAME KIT or damaged part;
  • 3.Exhaustive description of how the accident occurred (if other vehicles were involved, please enclose a copy of the accident report presented to competent authorities).

The damaged FRAME KIT will become Diamant’s property in exchange of the discount on the new frame.


This warranty does not prejudice other legal rights set out by national laws applicable in the Country where the product was purchased. If any clause of this warranty shall be voided pursuant to the aforementioned national laws, the remaining part of said clause will retain its validity and efficacy. Diamant reserves the right to apply any change or cancellation to this policy at any time, without notice.


Any dispute concerning the warranty, purchase and use of MCIPOLLINI® products will be regulated by Italian laws and the competent court will be that of the City of Mantova, Italy.